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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Solo weekend 'long' run

There is probably no standard definition of the long run. Personally I consider any distance greater than the Half marathon distance of 21K as a long run. Long runs need some preparation in terms of proper hydration the previous 24-48 hours, greasing up to avoid chaffing and water during the run. Even during the cooler months in Bangalore it is difficult to run beyond 15Kms or so without drinking water. I needed to get in a 25K run this weekend (midway between my April and May marathons). Due to personal constraints I was not able to drive over and join other runners for a run during this weekend and decided to do a solo run locally in the CV Raman Nagar area. Since joining Runners For Life over 3 years ago one has got used to having company on long runs - solo runs of over 20K have been very rare.

I set off with a couple of bottles of water in my hand at quarter past 5 on May 1st(a holiday for labour day)- it was still quite dark and not great fun running down Old Madras road towards BEML road. I was quite relieved when I crossed the railway track into the CV Raman Nagar area. I hid the water bottles in the bushes behind the statue and had a very decent run keeping pace around 5:55. I went upto the HAL walkers park next to the HAL hospital, did a couple of loops there and came back and did the usual loops around Bagmane Tech Park. Was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few runners out there- running is definitely picking up in Bangalore. I was quite satisfied in doing a comfortable 25.5K in 2 hours 30 minutes and happy that I could still do solo long runs if I needed to- though unlikely that I will ever be able to do 16 loops of 2.5K again like I did when training for my First full Marathon in 2002. I am as ready as I possibly can be for the next marathon two weeks from now in the RFL run on 17th May. Once again the weather will be a big factor and hopefully this time I can start around 5:15am.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am training for the Portland Marathon in Oct 2009 (my attempt at anything fitness related). I will need to be in Bangalore Jun-Jul timeframe for 3-4 weeks. I wonder if you could recommend routes for the long runs (I will need to do 14-15-16 miles when I am there). Prefrably routes which are safe for women to run alone. Or are their other groups I can join for a 3 weeks? I am avery slow runner (12 min miles) so may be hard to find serious runners at my pace. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Bhasker Sharma said...


Do you know where you will be staying in Bangalore. Checkout and - both these groups have periodic organised runs in various lcoations around Bangalore. I am sure you will find runners here running at your pace. Look forward to seeing you in Bangalore

Anonymous said...

Don't know yet where I will stay, but since work will be in the whitefield area, I guess someplace near by. Thanks for the 2 links above, I'll check and see what info they have.