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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Count down to Numero Trois : KTM 2008

With just about 12 hours to go before the start of this years Kaveri Trail Marathon this Sunday I seem to have recovered from last weekend's muscle pull. The back strain has vanished completely and the numbness in the foot that I had during the week is almost gone. I attribute this to the two sessions I had with Doc Rajat and Sarika at Back to Fitness and a week of rest - I ran a 7K and 5K, did not cycle at all and skipped my strengthening sessions at Manipal. Normally I take 2 days of rest before a marathon or a 32K+ long run. This time I made an exception and I did a slow 5K on Friday - in order to put in at least 2 days of running in the week before the Full Marathon.

Went to the pasta party at Herbs and Spice, Indiranagar on Friday evening - as always it was great to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones over decent food. Among the new people I got to chat with are MD Ramaswamy who's coming back from injury and doing a 10K tomorrow, Pallavi and Gaurav founders of the North Indian Vegetarian restaurant chain MastKalandar and Anjana Kaul of Footprint Ventures - a VC firm that has funded them. Personally, I liked the food and the ambience here more than the Bistro on Brigade road where RFL pre-race parties have been held in the past. The fact that this place is much closer to where I live did not hurt! BTW - I (and my family members) love the food at MastKalandar too.

Little disappointed to learn from A2 that there won't be chip timings in tomorrow's run due to the unavailability of the vendor of the RFId system. I am now looking forward to a decent run tomorrow. The KTM route is quite flat and based on last year's performances of runners its tempting to try nd do a 'fast' full marathon. However, I don't think its prudent to push oneself tomorrow and I will be satisfied with a finish between 4:30 and 4:45 and NO after effects.!!

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