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Monday, September 1, 2008

Planning the September Marathon

After a fairly strong 10K run on 23rd August, within 7 days of the Hyderabad marathon, I confidently got down to the business of identifying a marathon in September. A while ago I had stumbled across the Kathmandu International marathon scheduled for 20th September. However, the website had not been updated since last year and my repeated emails to the organisers did not result in any response for several weeks. Then suddenly on 27th August I got a mail from the organisers confirming the event and stating that the website is in the process of being updated. I was less than 50-50 for this marathon anyway due to the costs involved.
And after speaking to Doc Rajat on 30th August during my 20Km training run in Cubbon Park I decided to drop the idea of running in Kathmandu.

While generally searching for a marathon to run in September I came across a couple of different versions of Taj Mahal Marathon. One by Albatros Travel that was scheduled for March 2008 and has been postponed to 2009 and another by Discovery Journeys India Pvt. Ltd. that's scheduled for 21st September. However, the signup link on the latter's website does not work which is not an encouraging sign. I have sent an email to the organisers asking for details including the registrations charges and am awaiting a response. As of now I am not too inclined to travel all the way to Agra and spend money to run a road race in fairly warm weather without having any idea of how the race organisation and support is going to be. Most likely, I will run a Full Marathon in GKVK on 21st September.

1 comment:

Balu said...

wow, 42K on 21st .. too tempting.. may be I can do a half.... I've decided to run for Asha this time.. may be next time I'll try to run for "Dream A Dream"...

lets catch up for a run soon :-)