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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Catching up with an old RFL buddy

Late morning of Wednesday 3rd September(Ganesha Chaturthi) was pleasantly surprised to see a mail from Vijay about wanting to catch up during his trip to Bangalore for a couple of days. Vijay is one of the first RFL'ers(along with Rajesh) that I started to run with outside of RFL runs. He changed jobs and moved to Pune in April 2007. Vijay was coming over on 3rd evening and was up for dinner the same evening - so I quickly got in touch with Arvind, Pankaj, Dharam, Praveen, Deepak and Partha to see if we could get together for dinner with Vijay. Arvind, Dharam, Deepak and Partha were unavailable for the evening.

The 4 of us met at Little Italy in Indiranagar at 830ish. It was great catching up and chatting about old times - the various runs we had done together and the runners we knew. And all this over fairly good food. Two hours passed very quickly.

Its heartening to note that Vijay is determined to run the ultra this year and also the full marathon at Mumbai. Vijay is desperately looking for company for his long runs in Pune. Pankaj suggested that he listen to e-books on his logn run and select the books depending on the planned duration of the run. The implication being that one runs till the book is completed.

Felt bad for Praveen. I know how terrible it is to stay away from running due to injury specially for an extended period. I hope he recovers soon and starts running regularly with us.

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