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Thursday, February 18, 2010

More on Auroville 2010..mostly pictures

As mentioned in my previous post I did not come across any runner in Auroville who did not enjoy the experience. One of the areas of improvement is the limited portion of  pasta dinner the night before the race. The lack of Km markers in the last stretch of the route was another thing. And the third thing is the women's dorm. Apparently it was quite uncomfortable and not very hygenic.The only other point that comes to mind is the red mud soaked socks and shoes.

Due to the relatively slow pace that I did in the race(50 seconds per Km slower than the pace at SCMM 2010) I recovered quite quickly and did a couple of easy runs of 4.5Km  and 8Km during the week.

The pictures here were taken by me 'on the run' using my Blackberry 8520. The official timings and pictures are still awaited - perhaps that is another area of improvement. They should be published within 72 hours of the race.

Maitri Mandir on the first loop

Aid station #4 at 39Km
Aid station with volunteer on cycle

Sun just coming out - a little after 6am

Amrita, Rishi, Sunil and Ashok after the race

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