Saturday, February 27, 2010

Break from long distance running

With the end of the  running season in India,  I am taking a break from long distance running for a few months.  I am also taking a break from strengthening sessions at Manipal hospital after a period of 5 months. I plan to resume this in the beginning of May.  This year the break also coincides with the summer in Bangalore. Last year I took the break in August and September since my streak of 12 marathons in 12 months ended in July 2009 .That  break  definitely helped me get back rejuvanated and finish strongly at the Bangalore Ultra and SCMM 2010.  For the next couple of months I plan to run a weekly mileage of about 35K to 40K across 3-4 days a week and cycle 2-3 days with one day of rest. During this time my long run will be either 20Km or 25Km during this period.  My  next run beyond 25Km is likely to be in late June/early July as I commence preparations  for my next full marathon at the end of August in Hyderabad.

Mumbai beckons...yet again..

The state of anticipation, anxiety and restlessness during the week leading up to the Mumbai marathon on the 3rd Sunday of January has ...