Sunday, April 21, 2013

Injury woes

It is a well known fact that injuries are the bane of pretty much all runners - very few runners are fortunate enough to be completely injury free for years together. Personally I have been lucky to have avoided a major injury that has prevented me from running for extended periods of time. I have been nagged with stress/pain in my left glutes and left calf specially when trying to push my pace. These along with occasional numbness in the left sole plagued me in the 2011-12 running season so much so that I took nearly 2 months completely off from running or cycling at the end of that season.  As stated in my previous post I did not take any time off after the admittedly more grueling 2012-13 season in which I did two sub 3:40 full marathons. This seems to have impacted my fitness and may even have caused (what I hope is) a minor injury. For the first time since I started training using the 'Run Less, Run Faster' training program in early 2011 I had  4 consecutive below par runs - two short tempo runs,  6 x 800m intervals and a 16K long-tempo run  were all below target pace. Not only that I had to stop and slow down in the tempo runs due to pain in my left ankle/calf. So I decided to skip this weekend's long-tempo pace run and consult a physio therapist. It seems I might be suffering from mild Peroneal Tendonitis  though my stress is more in the lower calf than the ankle and there is no swelling anywhere. I have now decided to take 10 days off from running and cycling, focus on strengthening and stretching during this period and hope this helps recovery. This also means I  have had to further downgrade my goal for the TCS world 10K on 19th May. After starting with an aggressive target of 42:55 I would now be happy if I can beat my PB of 45:57 and would be thrilled if I manage a sub 45. Depending on how it goes when I resume training in a week I may even decide to take it easy and not worry about timing like I did last year. After some dilly-dallying I went ahead and registered for the event yesterday as this is one of the 3 races where I have a streak going  - the other two being SCMM and the Bangalore Ultra

Not being able to train to plan at the beginning of a running season is for sure  disappointing  for a runner ;in my case it impacts my frame of mind significantly and leaves me quite irritated and restless. Extra care also needs to be taken to avoid adding too much weight. While I am very tempted not to take more than a couple of days off from running, I dont want to jeopardise the training and performance in the 3 marathons that I am targeting in the season. 

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