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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fund raising for Gita Krisnamurthy Vidyalaya Trust

After a hiatus of  two years I am back to raising funds for a cause during the 2013 running season. I will start the season with the TCS World 10K on May 19th 2013 and hope to end it with the Boston marathon on 21st April 2014  with the Hyderabad marathon, Mumbai marathon  and the Bangalore ultra marathon in between. I am raising funds  for  Gita Krishnamurthy Vidyalaya   a school for under-privileged children in Sankarnagar, Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu that I have been personally  involved with for over 3 years as a  trustee of Gita Krishnamurhty Trust.

The school is named after my aunt  a wonderful dedicated teacher who  passed away due to cancer in Dec 2002. Summary of the current status of the school:  
  •  GKV  was started on June 05, 2009 with 145 students of  LKG, UKG and Class 1 as a sister school of Sri Jayendra Golden Jubilee School Sankarnagar and is being administered by Sri Jai Sankara trust 
  • Class 4 has been added from June 2012, the fourth year of operation of the School and a new batch of 74 children -  35 Girls and 39 Boys inducted in LKG. The total strength is now 348 children
  • 90% of the children are first generation school goers from impoverished and socially backward  families from the surrounding areas in Tirunelveli district
  • 50% of the children are girls 
  • The goal is to provide a rich curriculum focused on all round development of children.
  • Propose to add Class 5 in the  Academic Year 2013/14 
  • Currently the school operates out of a rented facility
  • 2.9 acres of land has been acquired in order  to build  a  school with spacious class rooms, play areas with adequate  play equipment, Library, auditorium, activity rooms , Labs etc  in phases 
  • We propose to construct  9000 sq.ft. of the school building  progressively  over the next year or so

We are seeking funds for  operating expenses as well as building construction.   A contribution of  Rs 2500/- (approx US $ 50) will support the annual cost of  books and uniform for a child  while Rs 5000/- (approx US $100)  will support the costs of educating a child for a year.  Contributions can be made  either in INR or US $. See here for more details including bank account details etc.  This video  gives a brief visual summary of the school and its current impact. The contributions are tax exempt in India.  All donors can choose to receive periodic updates on the progress of the school  and the status and utilization of funds raised. Any other support in terms of setting up the library,computer lab etc is also most welcome.  

Look forward to generous support from friends and family specially those who have supported my fundraising efforts in the past. Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or need more information. 

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