Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 2011 musings

Even two months after the Auroville marathon this year I have not been able to make the time to write my race report. I have never been this late in detailing my expereince of a running event; however since starting my new job just a few days before this event life has been very very hectic. This has also impacted my weekly mileage. Normally even during the off-season I clock about 35 to 40Km per week. My running mileage the last two weeks has been 30 and 15Km respectively. This week I did higher cycling mileage (on a stationary bicycle) than running which is very rare for me. Also, this week my son who has suddenly (re-)taken to running clocked more mileage than I did.  My weekend schedule has also been such that I  missed out on two 10K events in the last few weeks: the Science and Technology 10K run at IISc on 6th March and Contours Women's day run on 13th March.

Just like the previous two years I thoroughly enjoyed myself at Auroville  - the new route with even less road and more trail was fantastic and the organisation was as  good as in the past. Despite not pushing myself I managed to complete in 4:12  well within my goal of between 4:20 and 4:30. This was my best ever FM finish in a trail marathon by a large margin. I hope to write a detailed report on the race within the next couple of weeks.

With the world 10K in Bangalore about 10 weeks away I need  to pick up on my training. The plan is to do some tempo and interval training to try and do my fastest ever 10K.  I am also expecting a confirmation on the Hyderabad marathon soon so that I can start training using the 16 weeks  FIRST program from the beginning of May.


Bhasker Sharma said...

It is actually only 5 weeks since Auroville though it seems like months to me!

MJV said...

Yeah i have been waiting for your Auroville Report Bhasker, but knew it might be hectic due to your new job... Good that you are back... When is Hyderabad Marathon planned Bhasker any idea about the same?

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