Saturday, May 8, 2010

Interesting posts on 10Km runners' performances

With the 2010 edition of the Sunfeast world 10K around the corner I found a couple of recent posts on The Science of Sport(which BTW is a great site that I highly recommend to running and cycling enthusiasts for scientific comment and analysis of sporting performance). The first with the headline of An exclusive club of sub-27 minutes10Km runners explains that only 31 runners have done sub-27 minute 10Km and of these 31 only one is non-African. Chris Solinsky became the first American to join this club  by finishing a 10Km in 26:59.60 recently. And he is by far the tallest and heaviest runner to do this - his weight being over 8Kgs more than the average weight of the previous 30 sub-27 minute 10Km runners! He is also 3cms taller than the previous tallest runner!

That explains the title of the second post titled Chris Solinsky - "A fatty world record" which gives the height/weight table of all the 31 runners. And as part of the reader comments there is a table of BMI of all the runners which shows that Chris had the 2nd highest BMI at 21.33. Hmm..  with a BMI of around 22, my goal in the forthcoming Sunfeast 10K  is to get to within 21 minutes of Chris's timing!

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