Sunday, May 16, 2010

Countdown to the 3rd edition of Sunfeast World 10K

This year's edition of Sunfeast world 10K on 23rd May which  is less than a week away is expected to be bigger than last year's event. It is anyway by far the largest road race event in Bangalore. With more and more Bangaloreans taking up running the popularity of this event is growing.  This is the first year of the event after it was recognized as a IAAF Gold label event. There are a couple of changes from the last two years:
  •  the start time for the open 10K event has been advanced to 8:10am compared to 9am the last two years - this will be a big help specially if it turns out to be a warm day
  • the timing chip is compulsory for all 10K participants and the entry fee has been increased to include its cost
Surprisingly the website does not still have any information on the race route. I assume it is going to be the same as the route of last two years - despite the roads being dug up around the Chinnaswamy stadium/Cubbon road areas.

Though my training has been a mixed bag the last couple of months, after a solo 52minutes 10Km a couple of days I feel reasonably confident of at least a sub 49 minutes finish this year also. This is provided I am able to borrow a Garmin 305 for the race- else I will probably just focus on enjoying the run and be satisfied with  sub 53 minutes.  My son Rahul who has done the Majja run last two years is looking to complete his first 10K this year.


Rohit said...

The route is slightly different from last year's. You can find the route here.

And by the way last year's (2009) Sunfeast did start at 8:10 AM. The 9 AM start was the year previous to that.

ashes said...

the route is ridiculous, winding and doesnt take into account large numbers

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