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  • 15th Jan - Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon - 3:49:54
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Taiwan has seven marathons per year!

Its amazing that while I am struggling to find 12 organized marathons in a large country like India, Taiwan , a country with a population of just about 23 million has seven marathons every year. The seven marathons are run in different settings and in different parts of Taiwan. There is always a marathon coming up, except during the grilling hot months of summer.

Marathons in the First Half of the Year
In January, there is the Kinmen Marathon held in the Kinmen National Park, basically a scenic course for most of the 42.2 km. In February, the action continues in Tainan. The Tainan Ancient Capital City Marathon starts at the City Hall of Tainan and takes the runners back along the memory lane to visit many buildings and streets, looking the way they did a hundred and fifty years ago. In March, the Taipei Freeway Marathon is run, the first of the two marathons run in the capital city of Taipei every year. This race course is mostly flat and is one of the fastest course in Taiwan. April sees the Taitung Taiyuan Valley Scenic Marathon, the second of the three scenic marathons in Taiwan, run in the valley of Taiyuan, at Taitung.

Marathons in the Second Half of the Year

Runners in Taiwan take a summer break and return to race in October at the Taichung Boulevard Marathon, the first major event in Autumn. In November, marathons gather at Taroko National Park, Hualien, for the last scenic marathon of the year, the Taroko Gorge Marathon. The runners' year close in December with a grand finale at Taipei again with Taiwan's biggest marathon. The Taipei Marathon is the best known marathon in Taiwan and takes its runners throughout the central city district and many landmark buildings and historical attractions of the capital city. It is also the truly international event.