Friday, August 29, 2014

Revisiting plans for running season 2014-15...

Like the past several years, I  had mapped out my events events in the running season 2014-15: TCS 10K in May, HM at Hyderabad in August, FM in Bangalore in October, 75Km at the Ultra in November, SCMM 2015 in January and finally Comrades marathon on 31st May 2015.  After running Boston marathon on 21st April 2014 I had a decent run at the TCS World 10K on 18th May. I then took a few weeks break with plans to start training for the Bangalore marathon(on 19th October)  from the end of June. However, despite taking 4 weeks break from running I was unable to run comfortably when going beyond 15Km or so or when running at a pace below 5:30/Km. The glutes,hamstring,calf and toes of the left leg felt uncomfortable and hurt slightly while running. Moreover I was unable to sit in the same position for more than 30-45 minutes after a workout without shifting the left butt due to discomfort. Therefore I shelved my plan to start training for a FM from June end and took a break again from running after an easy paced 27Km (longest since Boston 2014) with the BHUKMP gang on 28th June .  I have been having an issue with my left  glutes and calf for a while - my races in 2013-14 were all below par due to the issue; however it has never been this bad specially the numbness in the toes. I have been consulting Dr. Johnson Gladson of Attitude Prime for a while and following the stretching and strengthening regime suggested by him. I sought a second opinion from Dr. Kannan Puzhandi of Sparrc - which now has a center in Indiranagar. Despite the meeting with Dr. Kannan being unimpressive I went ahead with 3 consecutive days of deep tissue massage at Sparrc and a gait assessment session -  being on a short break as I switched jobs and career from ALU India to Wadhwani Foundation enabled me to do this.  Also went through a MRI after consulting a neurologist -  a horrifying experience that I will try my best never to repeat again. Fortunately no pinching of nerve or undue damage of lower back was detected .  With guidance from running coach D I started focusing on exercises to strengthen my glutes,hips and core. I resumed running after 3 weeks break at the end of July. While running at an easy pace seemed ok even a 5K at a fastish pace at Puma Urban Stampede 2014(see next post) exacerbated the pain. So I had no choice but to reduce both my training mileage and pace intensity- with no more than 25Kms of running at average pace between 5:45 and 6:15 and about 30Kms of cycling in the Gym at 30Kms/hour speed . Am having to make efforts to keep the running pace slower than 6 minutes/Km. I do not plan to run beyond 15Km  till at least September end. And am restarting  strengthening at Manipal hospital department of sports and exercise medicine from September. At the slower pace the glutes do not seem to be stressed as much and do not hurt post the run. This will at least help me keep my fitness at a certain level.

As a result my plans for  the running season 2014-15 has gone haywire. I had to miss the pleasure of running a HM with my coach Bill Pierce at Hyderabad on 24rth August and the fun of staying and travelling with the BHUKMP gang. I have not registered for any event this season except SCMM 2015.  As of now that is the only I will surely participate in this season. Registration for Comrades 2015 open in a couple of days on September 1- my participation  is out unless things improve dramatically in the next 60 days and registrations are still open. 75Km at Bangalore Ultra is also ruled out - still hoping that I can do a slow 50Km there to keep my streak at the Ultra going - despite the advice to the contrary from D and Bill. Will make that call towards the end of October. And FM at Bangalore is surely out. Hope to do a slow HM - considering being a 2:15 or 2:30 pacer which is better than skipping it altogether. The only event that I would like to really like to race  this year  is SCMM 2015 - my goal was to try and BQ again with a sub 3:40 - however depending on how it goes over the next 60-90 days it is now likely that I may  end up doing a 5 hour FM there just to keep my streak going!!

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