Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Countdown to TCS World 10K Bangalore 2014...

TCS World 10K Bangalore  on 18th May,  the first event of the new running season just 4 weeks after my 2013-14 season ended with the Boston marathon on 21st April , means that unlike the last couple of years I don't get to take a break between seasons. Though I considered  giving the TCS World 10K a miss this year I decided to keep my streak going - having run the event since its first edition in 2008(then called Sunfeast World 10K).  I obviously have not trained specifically for the event and will probably continue to take it easy for a few weeks after the race (as I do not plan to run a full marathon till at least October). With a few easy runs and a couple of tempo runs in the last couple of weeks I feel in reasonable shape to aim for a sub 46 10K  and  try and  better my last year's time of 46:56. I certainly feel fitter than I was last year before the race despite the iffy left side(glutes/hamstring/sole).  And if the first half goes well then I may even gun for the PB of  45:57 achieved in 2011. A lot depends on the start I am able to get and the usual help from the Bangalore weather. With the number of runners participating in the event growing tremendously it is important to breakaway from the throng of slower runners and get into a rhythm within the first 2 Kms. Hopefully the holding area will be streamlined and the race starts staggered as was the case last year. My goal would be to get to the half way point in under 23 minutes.  The earlier start time of 6:20am(compared to 7:20am last year) should certainly help.

One other variable this year is going to be the shoe.  I plan to run in the much lighter Skechers Gorun2 which I was 'awarded'  for finishing 1st runner up in the 50Km at the 2013 Bangalore Ultra. . At 6.7oz , it is 4 ounces lighter than the 10.8 oz Brooks Defyance 5 that I have been using since September 2012.  And this mainly due to the lack of cushioning. The shoes feel comfortable in the training runs I have done so far; however on the couple of occasions that I have run a bit fast both my calves hurt post the run. So unless this changes I am unlikely to use this shoe for distances beyond the half marathon.

The bib collection process on 10th May was very smooth. The expo seemed bigger than he past years with large stalls from all the major shoe brands selling in India. Also, there were fewer non-fitness/non-running stalls. It was great to hang out and chat with fellow runners. 

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