Sunday, May 12, 2013

TCS 10K 2013?

I am quite under-prepared,physically and mentally for the 6th edition of  Bangalore's  world 10K run that is less than a week away . With just 4 running workouts since 18th April training has been minimal. While the usual stress in the left glutes,calf and sole has been nagging me for the last few weeks I have also been having a problem with my right calf since the 1st of May. On 5th May I had to abandon my  fastish 16K run after a 48mins/10Km with stress in both the calves. I literally limped back home. This is the first time ever that I had an issue with my right calf. When I had to give up on the  medium pace  run yesterday that I was doing after a break of 5 days after a Km or so with acute pain in the upper right calf I was completely shattered. It looked like it would be prudent to skip this year's 10K and train for the Hyderabad marathon after recovering from the injury. An injury like this at the beginning of a running season is a real dampener - I have been unable to avoid being depressed the last couple of weeks. Not being able to run the 10K to plan was bad enough, the possibility of the injury impacting the marathons targeted for the season and that beating my BQ time by 2:40 may not be sufficient to get me a place in Boston 2014 made it much worse.

Despite  uncertainty of whether I would make it to the start line on 19th May I collected my running bib from Koramangla indoor stadium on 11th May morning. And then went to show my right calf to Dr. Gladson of Attitude Prime. It looks like the calf pain may be due to a weak plantar fascia not being able to strain of my running pace. As per Gladson it is not Planatar Fasciitis - a very common injury among runners. And I should be in a reasonable shape to run the 10K after exercising the plantar using a  golf ball  a few times a day for the next few days.

Hope to make it to the starting on line on 19th May and keep my streak of running the world 10K if the easy  training runs on 14th and 16th May go well.While I had changed my goal to Sub-45 or to at least beat my 2011 PB of 45:57 now I will be satisfied if I can keep it below 50 minutes though I know I am in shape to do sub 45. My strategy will be to get a good start(a challenge by itself considering 11,000 runners are expected to participate and the organisers have been unable to enforce discipline in the starting area to have runners assemble and start based on their previous finish times) and try and sustain  sub 4:30 minutes Kms as long as possible. 

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