Thursday, July 19, 2012

Below par start to second month training

The  fifth week (or 2nd month) of training did not start well. At both the strengthening sessions in Manipal hospital  I struggled in more than one machine. The 3 x 1600m interval training at Kanteerva was a big challenge. The target was 6:57 per mile. Did the 1st one in 6:48(a bit too fast) and the second one in 6:57 after a 1 minute rest interval. However I was quite tired at the end of this and had to take rest interval of 2 minutes before the next one. Even then I struggled to complete in 6:58 and was completely beat at the end of it!!

The 3 mile tempo run(target pace of 7:30/mile)  this morning also did not go too well. There were too many variables - old shoes,cotton shorts, traffic on IRR and shoelaces coming off. The first mile was covered in 7:24, the second in 7:45(due to the lace coming off) and had a tough third mile in 7:29. Again at the end of the run I felt very tired.

I need to heed the advice of coaches Dharam and Bill Pierce and not to do any of my workouts at faster than target pace. I need to be specially careful at the long run this weekend - maybe I need to take it easy after 4 hard weeks of training. Else it  could lead to fatigue or  injury - both of which are certainly very avoidable!!

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manoj said...

Firstly, thanks for sharing such detailed progress report.
A couple of comments from my side:
1. While running not more than prescribed pace is important, i also find it challenging to keep even pace throughout "during" the course of the interval, esp for longer than 1k intervals. Guard against tapering off at the end of the intervals
2. You are obviously entering cruicial phases of the training. Both from a physical and a psycological perspective, it would do good to stick to the prescribed rest intervals.
3. You have to reduce the variables in the intervals. I myself have a favorite - flat, no traffic, no troublesome stray dogs, slightly windy section of about 1km that I use for my interval runs.

Good Luck with the training.
Cheers, Manoj

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