Sunday, July 3, 2011

Revised goals for 2011-12 season

Building on the momentum of a great 10K run on 5th June I was able to do 30K the following Sunday (12th June) at a much faster than targeted pace. My goal was to run 29K in about 2:45. My running rhythm was excellent that morning and I ended up running 30.1Km in 2:39 at an average pace of 5:19. Based on these two runs and subsequent tempo and long runs at better than target pace for 3:45 marathon finish I revisited the FIRST key workout tables (more about this program in my next post) and decided to set myself a more aggressive goals for the 2011-12 running season compared to what I had set in December 2010.
  • A sub 3:40 finish at the season's 1st marathon - either Hyderabad marathon on 28th August or  sub 3:35 finish at a fall marathon in the US
  • A sub 4:00 at the Colombo marathon on 2nd October
  • 50Km or 75Km at the 5th edition of the BangaloreUltra
  • A sub 1:45 Half Marathon at the Midnight Half marathon
  • A sub 3:45 at SCMM 2012

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