Monday, September 20, 2010

KTM 2010 : My Second longest ever tough conditions

A quick post to report that I had an excellent run at the 4th edition of Kaveri Trail Marathon yesterday(19th September). I completed my 27th marathon(including 3 ultras) quite comfortably in approx 4:32(official chip timing awaited) - well within my target time of 4:45 and 10 minutes faster than my timing in KTM 2008. This gave me 2nd position in the senior category behind Sid who finished in about 4:10.  As planned,  I continued running the third loop which was extremely tough as it had become very hot after 11am. However, I managed to run/walk and complete another 16Km(I turned around at the 8Km mark)  minutes thereby clocking a total of 58Km in 6 hrs 57 minutes - again meeting my goal of doing between 55Km and 60Km as training for a longer run within the next 60 days. This is my second longest distance ever after my 81Km in 13+ hours in Strides of Hope in February 2010. Will post more details of the run with some pictures and official timings by end of the week .

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