Sunday, January 10, 2010

Start of a new decade of running..

A decade in which I hope to be able qualify and run Boston marathon. And  run an average of 4 Full marathons/Ultras a year taking my count from the current 24 marathons to over 60! I have been running long distance for over 8 years now. From my paper running logs of yore , I dug up the following progression of  my training with the goal of running the first marathon by the end of 2002  :

23rd July 2001             51 minutes run
17th Dec 2001            120 minutes run
12th Jan 2002             150 minutes run
4th  May 2002            200 minutes run
3rd August 2002         235 minutes run (35Km)
24rth August 2002      267 minutes run (40Km)

Coming back to this year and decade,  it has been a decent first week of running. Starting with a 15K/90 minutes run on Jan 1 in Cubbon Park followed by a 36K/3:43 run at GKVK. And then a couple of 55minutes, 10K runs to round of the week!

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